Our Approach

It’s more important than ever to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and allocate resources accordingly. The simple rule of engagement -

Do more of what works, and less of what does not.

The fi­rst step toward improving the accountability of your marketing plan is establishing expectations. Some marketing efforts are easily measurable most are not. Emails, leads from trade events and unique web phone numbers are measurable. TV, Print and trade publications are difficult to track.

My Offer

At JB Marketing I offer a unique array of services and skill sets. I utilize these skill set combined with my experiences to customize and deliver a marketing and branding experience designed to grow your business.

I will work to understand your vision and follow that vision from concept to fruition.

I’ve been involved in building national marketing campaigns for small to midsized companies for the past twenty years. I've worked with:

  • Insurance Companies
  • National Event Promotions
  • Shipping Centers
  • Magazines
  • Publishing Groups
  • Wholesale & Retail Outlets

Next Steps...

Let's talk about all the way we can effectively impact your growth and profitability.

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