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With an understanding of your business' internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats, together we can develop a strategy that plays to your own strengths and matches them to the emerging opportunities. You can also identify your weaknesses and try to minimize them.

The next step is to draw up a detailed marketing plan that sets out the specific actions to put that strategy into practice. Let's get started.




Advertising is part of marketing. But, clearly, not all marketing functions are related to advertising. Don't waste another dime on marketing that's not effective. Together we can raise the bar and set the pace for double digit growth.

Budgeting Tip 

How do you calculate a marketing budget? 

Simply divide the total amount spent on marketing by the number of leads generated. For example, if you spend $100,000 on marketing and generate 1,000 leads, your cost is $100 per lead.



Over the past 25 years I've managed print media on multiple levels. We also produced several concours programs, published magazines and auction programs. We can create print ads, PR on company offerings and a host of supporting print material to include brochures, handouts and related ancillary items.

My group published a gun book, auction catalog, and an estate planning booklet, just to name a few. Recently completed and released a tour book called "The Allure of Rallies & Tours", for Grundy Insurance.




Next Steps...

Let me help you create the image your company wants to project in the market you serve.

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